talk and play with photos

anybody can upload a photo - anybody can reply & get replies to any photo. Its that simple.

Jon Slimak (UX, Product) - Robin Raszka (UI/UX, Product) - Helvetic Brands (Branding)



"Talk with Photos"

Upload a photo and get replies from friends and people all around the world.

In Piictu, your photos are more about a conversation medium than a keeper of memory. We call them ‘objects of interaction.’ Your phone becomes your eyes for short, live, picture interactions.
— Jon Slimak (Founder)

It all starts with a single photo...

Show the world "your version" and have fun with the things around you.


give your stream a name...

It can be anything like "white flowers" or "things that smell good"


get replies...

get replies from friends and people around the world. 

Piictu is designed and modeled after core behavioral social dynamics, in the same way any social conversation is organized around fluid, changing subjects where each individual adds their perspective.

The Feed:

Get a closeup look at what matters.

Pic detail:

Get a closeup look at what matters.

Activity feed:

See the latest responses and likes.

Piictu is one of the hottest NYC startups this summer. It was 1 of only 12 companies accepted to the TechStars accelerator program in NYC. Over 1000 companies apply, making it one of the most prestigious and competitive programs of its kind.
— TechCrunch

Talk with Photos Video

A promotional video we made explaining how piictu &  photo streams work.

Users can get creative with their responses, and when text is needed, they can write on post-its and photograph that. But the main idea is to tap into visual culture and let people use photos as their words.

Slimak said Piictu can foster or encourage memes and can also be a place for gamified use cases. Down the road, each new photo stream, for instance, will have leaderboards, presumably based on the popularity of a piic.
— GigaOm